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The supermarket shelves put with classified _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Supermarket is a place for consumer purchase, also go to more places, in daily life can be found on the shelf in the supermarket what we need, there is a shelf can more quickly find the commodity which display on the shelf, so, what are these shelves for display and shelves? Where can buy this shelf? Modern large supermarket because many items, traffic, commodity put, display shelf, there is rule. All the goods are generally retail supermarket goods. Supermarket the door to a wide road, which is mainly the way to the store, it is 'active line' use a line is very exquisite, general large supermarket is more than a metre wide and -process design enough good will directly affect the sales. Supermarket shelves put and classification is also is to have cultured, especially the corner, the corner can't take a commodity, with the corner adjacent to put the same kind of goods. Relevant article recommended in detail: the specifications of the supermarket shelves and how many money to buy a set of classification of supermarket shelves? Supermarket shelves cost control method to introduce the role and function of supermarket shelves
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