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Beam type storage shelves suitable for the vast majority of warehouse goods or products

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
Beam type storage shelves or product is suitable for the vast majority of warehouse the goods to use

beam type storage shelves of low cost, safe and reliable, convenient assembly, disassembly simple; Suitable for artificial access, each layer of the standard effective carrying more than 800 kg. Suitable for artificial access box goods, or with separate parts box, turnover box matching load heavy goods.

beam type storage shelves main features:

s usually goods by pallet, storage cage and other units set the deposited in the shelf storage equipment ready.

s is one of commonly and widely used storage, suitable for the vast majority of warehouse goods or products.

s 100% of goods arbitrarily chosen characteristics. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any goods store operations, store operation is convenient and fast!

s to mechanical handling equipment storage operations.

beam type storage shelves structure

beam type storage shelves by columns, beams, braces, brace and self-locking bolt assembly and become, can effectively prevent the bolt looseness caused by shelves instability; Beam with special cold rolling P type held beam; The structure is simple, reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, the characteristics of low cost; Post CARDS and column connection with a specially designed safety pin, can make sure the beams under impact force does not fall off; On layer board USES the strip layer board, has a strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, change of the characteristics of simple, the maintenance cost is low.

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